Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Think about yourself for once

I think at this point I'm going to stop apologising for the lack of updates/posts on this blog because it's more of a "personal" blog at this point than anything else and there's no point in stressing over things like updates and posts or whatever. 

I wanted to post about doing something for yourself today. If you know me in real life or follow me on social media, you may know that I decided to start a Floristry course! It's been wonderful so far and I've really enjoyed creating things with my hands again (something I haven't really done since high school). But the reason I'm telling you all this is because I decided to do the course for myself. I didn't do it because I want to make a career and be incredibly successful out of it (though, that would be awesome) but simply because I wanted to. 

A quick posy I put together with flowers that I didn't use in class: From my Instagram- @maddiejaydee

Majority of my friends are studying at university, which is awesome and I'm so proud of how well they're all doing, and how hard they're all working, but I know a few who are just at university because their parents want them to be there, or because they think that studying at university is the only way to be successful in this day and age, or because they were pressured into a degree they hate but are too scared to drop out of now (all of which are completely understandable). But it makes me think about life in "the long run". 

Who cares if you're still at university when your twenty-six because you decided to keep dropping and changing your degree? Who cares if you're only a first year at twenty-eight because you had no idea what you wanted to do with your life until now? Who cares if you dropped out of university after one year because it was too stressful? Certainly not me. Sure, people will ridicule you and constantly question you about the choices you've made but in reality, it really doesn't matter because really, it's none of their god-damn business. 

That's what leads me to discuss my floristry course and why I decided to just go ahead and do it. I'd been interested in floristry and flowers for a long time but never thought to really do anything about it. Because I decided not to return to university after my spinal surgery, I took the time to simply work a bit and do my best to recover. It was during this time that I decided it was something I could really enjoy and soon enough I had enrolled. A few people I know questioned whether it was something I could do with the rest of my life and all that jazz, and maybe it's not. But it really doesn't matter. I'm going to be doing something I enjoy. At this moment in time, all I really care about it being the best me I can be (that sounds so cheesy) and doing something for myself. 

I have definitely felt a lot happier doing something I actually enjoy and doing something that will be rewarding for myself rather than for those around me. I'm not trying to tell you to drop everything you're doing and start looking for something else you want to do, I'm just trying to let those of you that are a little confused, lost or scared know that it's okay. You don't have to rush into anything. Take your time figuring it out. You may never find something you want to make a 'career' out of and that too, is okay. It's all okay. Just try to stress less (easier said than done, I know) and take things one step at a time, think about yourself for once and what you would possible like to do.

As per usual, I'm not too sure where this post is headed so I think I'll leave it here. 
Thank you for reading!
Love from Maddie ♡♡♡

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