Thursday, 9 January 2014

A Chaotic Tirade on Feminism

Before a large group of you start your groaning and your chorus of; "Oh rats! Not this AGAIN", I'd just like to say, please read on. What I'm here to say is probably nothing overly interesting or overly new or fresh, but it's something I am extremely passionate about. 

I myself, identify as a feminist.
And I find it absolutely infuriating and disappointing that SOME men (Yes SOME not ALL), and SOME women find the concept a laughable and mockable subject.
Like, EXCUSE ME for wanting to be able to have my say and my opinion without the derogatory comments of, "Dude she's just on her rags" or "Mate, she's never gonna get laid!".
This is really hard for to put into words to precisely convey what I'm trying to say. My head is a jumble of harsh words and angry violent girl-power based outbursts. But hey, I'm not the one complaining. I like my girl-power outbursts.

I think one of the main problems about feminism and rape culture and other topics of the like, is the sever lack of education. I can honestly say I was never 'properly' educated on these topics and as a young teenager I didn't really SEE them as a problem. When the boys at my primary school mocked and laughed at girls for not being as good at them at games and math and sports, we all just laughed along with them. No one bothered to tell them they were wrong as they continued the mocking of the female persona throughout the start of high school. No one even told the girls they had a right to stand up for themselves. We just laughed and felt shame at being born with female genitalia, and hence we grew up as 'typical' ladies who had no clue how to stand up for themselves. Even as high school progressed, and we started to realise that not everything was our fault and that we had a right not to feel embarrassed, we were too meek to scream and shout and cry that it wasn't right. 

When the cat-calling and wolf-whistling started at fourteen, some revelled in the attention, some wondered what they could do to cover up. It's a hard thing to do, when your still growing and your gawky limbs make all shorts look mini and all shirts cling. Boys became scary. They could hurt you, they were strong, but they just "didn't know any better". 

It scares me. My own understanding of these topics was so limited and so scarce. My mum warned us not to go out alone, and to put more clothes on. It was confusing. It was scary. I was scared. I still am. I am scared to catch the train alone when it's dark and I'm scared to walk down deserted streets. It shouldn't have to be this way. And we should be able to take a stand and have our voices heard. 

Why are men (SOME!!), allowed to walk over women? Why are they allowed to cast aside our opinions and suggestions like they have no meaning? Why do few governments have women in a position of power? And why is it so controversial for their to be one in power? Can't we just call it normal and be even? Why can't we be entitled to the same things as men? Why are we paid less in some occupations? Why are we discriminated against in the work place? Why are our pleas and cries for help labelled as "being a drama queen?"? Why are they allowed to make the decisions about our own bodies? There are so many more fucking 'Why's?' and not enough damn answers. We deserve equality. We deserve it. A women brought you into this world, why can't you see her as your equal?


I'm really apologetic that this post took such a turn. I had more of a structured rant planned but this is how I feel. And before the degrading comments start I'd just like to say, that I am very well educated now on these topics (thanks older women + internet), and that I do actually have very poignant arguments if you talk to me in person. This is rather emotional and I just felt it was needed to be said. I know a lot of men feel they are not equal to women, and to them, I say "man power!". This whole "crazy feminist" shit needs to stop. Majority of us don't hate men, and DO NOT want a women dominated society: we just want to be equals. Get that in your head and instead if saying "feminists are such a turn-off!", maybe listen to what they have to say and you'd be surprised. We need to start educating both boys and girls, and any other people who do not identify with either, that we are all equal and we deserve equal rights. 

I'm sure you'll hear a rant similar to this in the future, and I'll try and be more educating and focused than this jumble of emotions.

Bye for now and not forever!

Tayla xx


  1. Beautifully written! I completely agree with everything you have said! Yeee I love your writing so much, Tayla. :) No movement is perfect, but education about feminism and the history of women's rights NEEDS to get better. Especially being in "the age of the internet," young girls need to learn this information early!

    You are wonderful. xoxo.

    1. Aw Jenny you sweet pea! I agree with you 100%! Thanks a heaps <3 xx