Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Current Inspiration

I'm the kind of person that gets easily inspired by everyone and everything around me. Despite the fact that I barley act on this inspiration I just wanted to share some lovely little bits that constantly inspire me to be creative or that inspire a fresh outlook on life.

1. Rookie Yearbook (volumes 1 + 2)
Now I'm sure most of you are all well educated on the perfection that is Rookie Yearbook and I'm so glad Tayla was kind enough to buy one for me as a little gift. I didn't even read the articles the first time my greedy little hands took hold of Rookie and I just poured over the amazing editing and images for an incredibly long time. The photography and style present within Rookie Yearbook is something that I think would inspire anyone to go on a good thrifting or DIY spree. I look to Rookie Yearbook whenever I'm feeling a little negative or whenever I need some inspiration for my wardrobe. 

2. Vintage Home by Sarah Moore
Those of you that don't know me in real life probably don't know that I wanted to an architect for about ten years of my life. It is only recently that I realised I am smart enough to be an architect, I just don't have the patience or study skills to sit through six years of full-time university to become something that may not be for me (though I'm sure most people go through similar thoughts about choosing a career path). Despite this, interior design and architecture will always have a place in my heart. Vintage Home by Sarah Moore is just what I need when I want a little home decor inspiration (though I'm still living at home). This book covers a range of different topics from how to shop for vintage furniture properly to how to create your own wallpaper. It's a books that I think any vintage home lover should have in their collection. 

A recent discovery of mine. Lone Wolf Mag is a gorgeous publication written for creative and intelligent women. The cover of their latest issue is what caught my eye- the makeup is seriously phenomenal! The photography and fashion within the beautiful pages is incredible and the articles really make a person think. I will now have to pick up a copy of every volume each time a new one comes out.. I simply can't miss out on this Canadian gem! 

4. Through the French Door by Carolyn Westbrook
Yet another seriously beautiful interior design book. Through the French Door focuses on "romantic interiors inspired by the classic French style".  Who doesn't love French interior design? I will never get enough to the signature shabby-chic furniture with beautiful detailing sitting in a room full of matching trinkets and flowers. If I ever happen to win the lotto (you never know..) I will undoubtedly by a huge old house and create my very own French inspired home. 

5. Some favourite bloggers
I also wanted to mention a few of my favourite blogs to read. These two blogs are run by beautiful creative women and every time a new post has been published be either of them I eagerly head straight over to their blogs to have a peak at what's new. The first is Scathingly Brilliant  run by the seriously stunning and adorable Kate. If you're at all interested in pastel 1960s inspired fashion and wonderful DIY projects, Scathingly Brilliant is the blog for you (and for all you fellow cat lovers, Kate has three adorable kitties that I'm falling in love with each time they're mentioned) . The second is the beautiful Kate (must be the name?) from Ghostparties. Kate's posts are constantly inspiring me with anything from my daily make-up, right down to thinking about what makes me happy (she also has a seriously adorable cat named Mouse who is always making and appearance on her instagram). Her posts are a constant source of guidance in my life and I'm so glad I started reading her blog about a year ago.

That's it for my current inspiration! I hope you get as inspired as I have by everything mentioned in this post! I would love to hear some of your feedback on how you think this blog is going? Please comment below if you have anything to share!

Thank you so much for reading, love from Maddie xoxo


  1. Aw this is the sweetest blogpost Maddie; very nice :3

    1. Thanks Tay! You need to get some blog posts out within the next few weeks! xx

  2. I'm inspired by your inspirations. I need to get my hands on all of these! (≧◡≦)

    1. I'm so glad you've been inspired! I hope they're not to difficult to get a hold of! Thank you for your comment xx

  3. I absolutely love this post! Mission accomplished I am very inspired! :) Im glad I found your blog!