Wednesday, 6 August 2014

An adventure in baking with Butter Baked Goods

Cooking is not my strong point. I'm the girl that can barley make my own two minute noodles without some sort of catastrophe occurring in the kitchen, though I admittedly have a knack for making the perfect toasted cheese sandwich and bruschetta with turkish bread, which don't really require that much cooking to begin with. As a great lover of all things sweet, I've wanted to learn how to bake for many years, but never had the time or resources (incredibly small kitchen etc.) to bake to my hearts content. 

Photo from my Instagram: @maddiejaydee

I have recently dropped out of uni (for now anyway) and I have a lot more time on my hands to fill so what better to do with my time than learning a new skill? I was out furniture shopping/browsing with my mum recently (we're moving into a new house in less than two weeks!) when I stumbled across this lovely recipe book that was hidden within a bunch of interior decorating and vintage coffee table books. As I have come to expect of myself, I was instantly in love with the gorgeous photography and beautiful pastel colours used on the cover before I even really took notice that this was a recipe book. This gem isn't any old cook book, this is written by interior designer turned baker, Rosie Daykin, who has her very own (and very successful) bakery and cafe, Butter Baked Goods.

This recipe book is filled with Rosie's favorites from her "pink and pistachio slice of heaven" and will have you drooling over each and every page. The recipes seem easy enough to follow and the photography that accompanies each page really is exquisite. I'm really looking forward to attempting  to recreate some of these recipes. I promise I'll keep you up to date!

Just a short, simple post for today! Thank you for reading, love as always, from Maddie xo