Monday, 25 August 2014

Cream Cheeks

I've never really been all that into using cream products on the daily. Up until recently I much preferred powder blush and highlighters as I found that they lasted a lot longer on me and were much easier to apply. But recently I've been using two cream products on my cheeks and I have really been enjoying the way they feel and look!

The first is The Body Shop's Radiant Highlighter which I picked up in the first place because of the pink colouring of the product- I'm pretty predictable when it comes to that kind of thing. This highlighter is gorgeous, the formula is very light and easy to blend (I usually use my fingers) and melts into the skin perfectly, even when used over powder products. The shimmer within the highlighter itself is very subtle giving more of a natural 'glow' than anything else. When I want to glam things up a little bit more, I simply set this with a powder highlighter (I've mentioned this in a post here) and it works like a charm. This product can also be mixed with your foundation or primer to create a beautiful 'all over glow' that doesn't leave you looking like a disco ball- which is always a good thing!

The second product is the 3 Concept Eyes cream blusher in the shade Baby Peach. This was the first product I've tried from 3 Concept Eyes and so far I'm not disappointed! This cream blusher has an amazing silky and light texture that blends into the skin flawlessly. I don't find it too heavy and it builds and layers very smoothly. The colour pay-off isn't crazy (these blushers are like this on purpose) which means all of the shades look very natural and provide some 'healthy' colouring to the cheeks. The lasting power of this is pretty amazing but if you want it to last all day and night I would recommend lightly setting it with a similar coloured powder blush. 3 Concept Eyes is not a common brand here in Australia (as it's a Korean brand) but I picked up this blush from a teeny tiny Korean makeup store in the city (I'm sure there are many stores/stalls similar to this dotted around the country) and it can easily be purchased online. 

What cream products do you all like to use on your cheeks? Thank you for reading, love from Maddie xo


  1. YAY what a good blog post! I'm sorry I have so much catching up to do but wanted to say hi and tell you that I love your and Tayla's blog so much! I will definitely have to give these products a try! I've never found a cream blush that I like although my sister really likes the one(s) from Benefit as far as staying power! XOXOXOXO

    1. Aww it's okay Jenny! You're such a busy lady, I completely understand! <3 I'M SO GLAD YOU'VE STARTED BLOGGING! Your blog is so amazing I'm so happy all your hard work is paying off! OOOoh I've only ever really tried the Benefit porefessional and the gel liner but maybe I should check those out! xx

  2. i really like your blog and i would like to nominate you for the liebster award. :)
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  3. Loved this post!