Wednesday, 29 October 2014

MAC x Rocky Horror Collection Lipsticks

When I discovered that Mac would be doing a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection I knew I would not be able to resist buying something. What I didn't expect was that I actually liked nearly the entire collection for once! I'm not the biggest fan of limited edition collections and normally don't bother buying them (the only limited edition product I have ever purchased before now was my favorite NARS blush, Sex Fantasy, from their Final Cut collection) because you can't buy new ones when they need replacing or when you want to recommend them to other people. In saying that, I didn't buy the entire Rocky Horror collection because I really don't need that much makeup and it obviously gets very expensive! I was lucky enough to get a hold of the two lipsticks I wanted, Frank-n-Furter and Sin.

Frank-n-Furter (AUD $38.00) (named after Dr. Frank-n-Furter of course) was definitely the most sought after and most popular product in this entire collection and it's pretty obvious why. This lipstick is actually perfect, in my opinion anyway. Despite being a matte formula, it is very, very easy to apply and unexpectedly creamy. Mac matte lipsticks are notorious for being very drying, and I have to agree, but the formula of this one seems a little different as it's noticeably less drying and easier to apply because it's slightly creamier (I even had to wear a lipliner with this because I think it would bleed if worn for a long time without liner). Whatever you've done with Frank-n-Furter Mac, you've done it right! The colour itself is everything you'd expect the most popular lipstick shade in a Rocky Horror Picture Show collection to look like. It's a very pigmented, dark, berry toned red that would match every skin tone and is the perfect autumnal shade (despite it being a sweltering spring here in Australia). 

I also picked up Sin (AUD $38.00-limited edition / AUD $36.00) which is actually part of Mac's permanent lipstick line. I had been meaning to pick up Sin for a long time and upon discovering that it would be a part of the collection, it was the perfect opportunity to buy it (pretty much perfect Rocky Horror collection packaging and all). Sin is also a matte shade and the difference in the formula of Frank-n-Furter and Sin is very noticeable. Like majority of the other Mac matte lipsticks, Sin is pretty drying when worn for an extended period of time and gets a little difficult to apply because it pulls on the lips slightly. In saying that however, this lipstick is very pigmented and will last for hours without reapplying. The colour itself is a very deep plum/purple (I'm terrible at descriptions, can you tell?) and would definitely suit most people. It's the perfect sultry lip colour, I wold definitely recommend this for those of you that love a good dark lip!

I know a lot of people were interested in the Rocky Horror Picture show collection so I hope you enjoyed this little post! 
Thank for reading, love Maddie xo 


  1. the darker colour looks perfect for fall, I wish they were a bit cheaper though!! x

    1. It would really be the perfect Autumn colour! If you're in America (I'm presuming you are by the use of 'fall' to describe Autumn) they would be way cheaper! :) x