Wednesday, 5 February 2014

Little Life Lessons

These are just some little bits of general advice and lessons I have received or learnt over my few years on this planet. Some only a few can relate to, and some I’m sure most of you reading this are able to. 

  1. Try your very best not to have romantic thoughts or feelings towards a best friend. This usually ends in utter heartache and really awful break-ups. You will lose a best friend, and boyfriend/girlfriend in the same go. The person you’d once tell everything to will no longer be there or no longer care. This is not always the case though, and sometimes, the best pal is definitely worth the risk, and many happy times will come. 
  2. Do not go back and read old text messages or Skype conversations from past flames. This will cause body shivering fits of crying, worthy of a horror movie-esque exorcism.
  3. If you have sensitive skin like myself, DO NOT “risk” using heavily scented soaps or body washes. 
  4. If planning on being outdoors, always carry hay fever tablets, tissues, and bug repellent. Allergy prone people will agree with me on this one. 
  5. Do not pretend to enjoy food or like something. Friends will forever suggest you eat said food you dislike. Spare yourself from this embarrassment. 
  6. You have the right to say “No”. 
  7. Wear whatever the heck you want. If you like wearing really unique items: go rock them. If you like wearing “in” clothing, you walk like you own that piece. If you want to wear an outfit that doesn’t fit your usual “style”, who really gives a crap what their friends think? Wear what makes you feel confident, comfortable and cute. 
  8. Only wear lipstick on a date you are positive there will be no lip action going on. 
  9. Don’t say to someone who wears glasses “You’re just being a hipster” or “Wow you really can’t see!” or “Can i wear them?”. As a ray-ban, prescription glasses wearing chick, just don’t say this shit. 
  10. Do not make fun of someone for having braces. Ever. They will have better teeth than yours soon enough, plus braces are pretty cute honestly. 
  11. Don’t tell someone all your secrets in a short amount of time.
  12. Don’t trust someone easily: let them earn that trust.
  13. Do remember someones favourite flower and chocolate; gifts you can give on any occasion. 
  14. Do remember someones interests and try to make conversation with them, if you don’t know anything about their hobby, why not ask?
  15. A persons music taste is personal and you should never make someone feel crappy for having a different taste than you. 
  16. Put all you can into school; trust me it’s worth it and saves a lot of disappointment at the end. 
  17. Be supportive of your friends decision, however if they ask for your advice, gently tell them your opinion, but don’t force it down their throats. 
  18. Respect peoples passions.
  19. Avoid going to conventions late. Always arrive early. Lines will and can take hours, and all you really want to see is the amazing cos-players and the cool merchandise you can buy; be punctual. 
  20. Be punctual in general.
  21. Don’t compare twins. Just don’t. 
  22. Tell your parents and family you love them. One day they won’t be around to hear you say it. 
  23. Be honest about how you feel. If you really care about someone; tell them. If you really do not enjoy someones company; gently let them become aware. If you love someone; why risk them never knowing? 
  24. Try not to aggressively tell someone how you feel. This can result in too many things being said, and also regrets about the things you said. 
  25. Do not get attached; try your best to be able to make yourself happy and be comfortable on your own. It’s really hard to detach and not be clingy after relying on someone who cared for you for long periods of time. When they are no longer interested it’s really hard to be on your own, refer to Little Life Lessons 23 and 24 when telling someone how they are making you feel. (Trust me on this, too often I make these kind of mistakes and they result in tearfully aggressive confessions only pushing someone further away)(Also currently trying to detach from certain people/s - really struggling). 
  26. Stay in touch with old friends. One day you will meet again, and it is important to remember their interests.
  27. Try different flavour of ice-cream.
  28. Have a favourite pizza and Chinese take-out store. 
  29. Take photos, but don’t forget to enjoy moments without the use of a picture. 
  30. Have “grown up” bed sheets. 
  31. Make sure you have the skill and ability to hold conversation over the phone. One day you will be old enough to make appointments yourself, and when that day comes, you will be terrified. (I’m still working on this one). 
  32. Always have money on your travelling/ public transport card.
  33. Always carry cash or change, even the smallest amount can come in handy in times of need. (Hello vending machine, those potato chips are looking very delicious at the moment).
  34. Have a favourite book/s. 
  35. Reach a goal. Yes this one is lame but it feels amazing when you've successfully completed something you've been trying to do for a long period of time. 
  36. Learn how to cook at least one decent meal before you're an adult. It will spare yourself embarrassment or hunger when your parents are away or friends are over. 
  37. Have something that instantly makes you happy. Whether that's a book, video game, certain sweet or movie; if it makes you feel good, utilise it. 
  38. Don't have someone be your "everything" when you are practically their "nothing".
  39. Try your best not to care about people who don't care about you. This one is really difficult and something I struggle with constantly. 
  40. If someone truly cares for you, they will show you. Even if it's the smallest gesture in the universe, if someone really does value you and have concern for you, they will show or let you know in some way. 
Well I hope you all enjoyed these 40 little bits of general advice. What's your favourite piece of advice you've received? Or have you learnt a little lesson over the years? Could you even offer me some advice or extend on the ones stated above? 
I hope everyone has been having a fantastic week and that someone, somewhere will find this list beneficial in some way. 
Thanks for reading once again guys!
Love from Tayla x


  1. Couldn't have said it better myself TayTay :') xx

    1. Hahaha, great minds think alike Mimi! ;) xx

    2. Especially on the "Don't compare twins" one

    3. 21. Hell yeah, it usually ends up with someone being insulted and degraded. Same could be said about comparing younger/older siblings
      31. Hahaha dear lord, I really need to work on that one.

    4. Too damn true Costa! Fellow twins unite :D
      Hahaha me too! I had to make a doctors appointment today (lol another stress induced throat infection), and I nearly cried whilst dialing the number it was awful!

  2. Hahaha damn I got called up by my university and constantly called the guy behind the line "dude", and laughed when it was totally unnecessary, all out of nervousness. Adulthood is looking laughable rn

    1. I feel as though "dude" and "man" are appropriate titles to call anyone of any age or gender... and this is probably really inappropriate :s

    2. Oops that was supposed to be a reply lol

    3. Same! I feel that is going to get me in trouble someday, I hope I don't meet the Pope and go "God bless you dude, have a rad Easter"

    4. HAHAHAHA! I would bow down to you if you did that man!

  3. Loved every bit of this list, Tayla. Such good points! I wish we could be friends in real life. <3 <3