Wednesday, 23 April 2014

A random compilation of general good vibe bringing tunes

So for months I went through a stage where I barely listened to music... it was weird, and I don't actually know what happened but I just didn't feel compelled to listen to it, in any way, at all. It was a weird stage in my life, although I think it was actually pretty good, I just didn't feel the need for music, or I didn't feel a connection to it or something. A few weeks ago I finally had the urge to sit in the bath and listen to some tunes, and so I did. There were heaps of old songs I hadn't thought about for months, and some new ones I wanted to listen to and it was really nice and I can vividly remember chilling in the bath smiling and laughing because of the obscure vibes running through my body. It was super, and every time I plugged in my earphones after that I had a similar sense of ease and calmness sweep over me. 
This list is a compilation of a number of songs I generally enjoy listening to in any mood... some of my favourite bands and artists aren't featured, a lot of my favourite songs aren't listed, but this is just a general compilation of music that makes me smile or soothes my soul. Classics such as Queen aren't included because I think anything by them is a universal movement of good feelings... head banging à la "Wayne's World" anyone? I generally listen to whatever sounds cool to me, and I do like a lot of different genres and such (shh, I even went through a "metal" stage in grade 9/10 for a few months... let's not go there). My favourite song/s change often; it all just depends on the mood or what I feel the need to listen to.  Also, I'm really in need to update the good old music folders, so I'd really appreciate some suggestions of your favourite songs, or songs that put you in a decent mood. Anyway, here we go; a list of songs that generally place me in a decent mood:
  1. Away from you: Oberhofer
  2. Baby: PNAU
  3. Tenenbaum: The Paper Kites
  4. Bad Guys: Bleeding Knees Club
  5. Blood: The Middle East
  6. Bookends theme: Simon and Garfunkel
  7. Change of Seasons: Sweet Thing
  8. Come as you are: Nirvana
  9. Do i wanna know: Arctic Monkeys
  10. If i had a tail: Queens Of The Stone Age 
  11. Empty Hands: Art of Sleeping
  12. Flagpole Sitta: Harvey Danger
  13. She moves in her own way: The Kooks
  14. Generational Synthetic: Beach Fossils
  15. Girls Can Do Anything: Bleeding Knees Club
  16. Hammock: MillionYoung
  17. Have Fun: Bleeding Knees Club
  18. I Bet You Look Good On The Dance Floor: Arctic Monkeys
  19. I wanna be yours: Arctic Monkeys
  20. Island in the Sun: Weezer
  21. Misread: Kings of Convenience
  22. My Sharona: The Knack
  23. One week: Barenaked Ladies
  24. Naive: The Kooks
  25. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want: The Smiths
  26. Quelqu’un m’a dit: Carla Bruni
  27. Seen no right: Deep Sea Arcade
  28. Shallow: Beach Fossils
  29. Teenage Girls: Bleeding Knees Club
  30. There Goes the Fear: Doves
  31. Toothpaste Kisses: The Maccabees
  32. Under Cover of Darkness: The Strokes
  33. When the sun goes down: Arctic Monkeys
  34. Why’d You Only Call Me When You’re High: Arctic Monkeys 
  35. Willow Tree March: The Paper Kites
  36. You Make My Dreams: Hall & Oates
  37. Black Treacle: Arctic Monkeys
  38. It Wasn’t Me: Shaggy
  39. Seaside: The Kooks
  40. Beach Slut: Bleeding Knees Club
  41. Voulez-vous: ABBA
So guys that's it. Please do leave suggestions; I'd love to listen to some new stuff! Also, I was fortunate enough to save enough money a few months ago to obtain some Arctic Monkeys AM concert tickets... really pleased they are coming back to AUS as I just missed them the last time they were here due to moving cities and I'm super excited. I don't have the greatest seats in the universe, I'd have loved to be in the standing zone, but I'm so lucky I get to see listen to them in person: I've never been to a concert or a gig before and I'm hoping this is the start of a beautiful relationship with live music.

Thanks for reading! Hope you're all doing well. 
Love from Tayla xx

P.S Splendour in the Grass lineup is really pretty dandy so I definitely plan on going: my first concert and festival a few months apart form each other this is so exciting!