Thursday, 24 April 2014

My lips but better!

We've all got one. That lipstick that is practically our natural lip colour. The kind that we can re-apply without a mirror because they're that similar. Here are my three 'natural' lipsticks that I constantly use and gravitate towards! (Side note: my natural lip colour is quite dark and quite pink, so these are also what I consider my 'nude' lipstick colours. Also, remember your natural lip colour will more than likely be different to mine, but check these shades out if you're looking for some amazing pink lipsticks!)

1. YSL Rouge Volupte' Shine- #09: Nude in Private
Definitely quite a splurge and in the moment purchase I made one day after a long shift at work, but definitely one of my favorite lipsticks. Most beauty bloggers are constantly obsessing over most of the YSL lipsticks and I'm so glad I was persuaded to buy one! The shade I have is a perfect match for my natural lip colour, with a little more pink that adds a lovely shine to my lips. These are also very long lasting and I personally think they are worth the hefty price tag!

I have repurchased this lipstick time and time again. Another beauty blogger favourite, these lipsticks are incredibly matte and very long lasting yet they also smell delicious! Shade #103 is basically the matte version of the YSL lipstick I mentioned earlier. This lipstick is also incredibly affordable, so if you're not too sure about lipstick or haven't really tried anything before, I'd give any of the shades from this range a go!

3. M.A.C Lipstick- Pink Plaid
I'll admit that I'm late to the Mac bandwagon, but better late than never right? I only recently bought this shade after trying out Ruby Woo (which I LOVE by the way) and I'm so impressed. This shade is slightly lighter than the Rimmel and YSL lipsticks, but it is still within my natural lip shade (if that makes any sense at all?). This lipstick is quite affordable if you're willing to spend a little on a decent lipstick and is very, very long lasting. The perfect lipstick to wear to uni when you can't be bothered to re-apply all day long! 

What are your favourite MLBB (my lips but better) lipsticks? I would love to know! Leave a comment below. 

Thank you for reading,
 Love Maddie xoxo


  1. These all sound gorgeous :) + I need a YSL lippie in my life! x

    1. They are all seriously gorgeous! Oooh! I hope you like them as much as I do! xx

  2. Love all of these products! I just started my own beauty blog, would be amazing if you could check it out