Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Mimco clutch

Never in a million years did I ever think I would be buying a bedazzled crystal embellished clutch from Mimco. I've never really been particularly fond of their designs or ranges before, but that all changed when my eyes spotted their current range that's in stores now.

I'm not really a clutch person but I need something to take out with me that is big enough to hold the necessities (lipstick, phone, money, I-D, etc.) but is small enough that I can keep a hold of it all night without things getting annoying. The plain Lovely pouches are what actually caught my eye, especially the one in Blossom Pink, but then the sparkle and shine of this clutch caught my eye. It's called the Sporto Small Pouch (AUD $99.95) and it is simply gorgeous. This is a satin pouch that is embellished with crystals, beads and rose gold hardware. What attracted me to this clutch in particular was the plain backside, giving the clutch more use than just an evening wear clutch. I will just simply flip the clutch over and I have a beautiful pink satin clutch. This clutch is the same size as the medium Lovely pouches so I can fit the contents of any normal bag inside. The only worry I have with this clutch is the satin getting stained or if the crystals and hardware gets caught on something and get pulled off. 

Do you like Mimco designs? What's your favourite? I'm thinking of saving up some money for one of their Secret Couch bags in the same Blossom Pink colour!

Thank you for reading!
Love from Maddie xoxo


  1. I actually need this. UGH WHY SO EXPENSIVE?

    1. How about you try budgeting or saving for one anonymous? (This obviously depends on how much you earn a week and how much you need to put away for rent/bills etc) Try putting $10 dollars away each week to save for this little pouch and you'll have it in ten weeks time! Or if you wanted it sooner maybe $20 per week? Everytime I get paid I usually leave myself inbetween $20-$50 (depending how much I work) to save up for things I want to buy such as this pouch or my makeup :)

      Hope that helps! xx

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