Tuesday, 27 May 2014

An Update from Tayla

Hey everyone!

It's Tayla here, and I just thought I'd update you all on a few things. Firstly, I want to apologise for not posting or interacting as with you as much as I used to, I've had a few personal bumps that have been a little detrimental. I'm sure most of you can appreciate the problems I am facing, and can understand I'm finding it difficult to write at the moment. I feel as though I have writers block, and everything I try and say comes out all mushed and hazardous. I'm doing my best to write down ideas and spend some more time perusing blogs in order to find some inspiration; I'll be posting more regularly soon. 

Secondly, I just thought I'd update you on university and how that's going for me. As most of you know I am attempting to complete a dual degree in Journalism and Communication, with a major in Public Relations. I do enjoy uni on the whole, I like to gain knowledge and I find some journalism classes really empowering and inspiring. But I do struggle a bit with communication and I'm not sure I've picked the right major... I like PR, I am quite good at it, but I just don't feel a connection to it yet. I'm hoping that will change as I progress further along, otherwise I really need to look into changing my major. One of my tutors has even suggested I look into changing or doing another degree once I've finished so I can do some work on gender studies. He knows I'm quite interested in this area, and has suggested I try to minor in it if I can. I think I'd like to, and I think it would make my journalism work more focused and oriented around gender within different cultures. I love my campus, but I do hate the commute to uni, and I do find it quite lonely. I have made a number of friends in some of my classes, and they are really great people. The work load is hectic and stressful but I can do it if I set my mind to it. 

Also, I'd like to apologise to someone whom said something to me and I reacted badly on social media; I was really upset and had no one to talk to and I'm sorry that things have ended so awfully, I've apologised many times, obviously it doesn't change anything, but maybe one day we could be friends again. I know it was very immature to do but I can't take it back, and it's just a mistake that will help me grow into a better person... we all make mistakes and have flaws, it's time we started admitting to them and trying to better ourselves from them. You probably won't read this, but I felt I needed to say sorry (again) anyway. Hope things are going well. 

Lastly, I will be posting a few stories over the next year or so, and they will be my assessment pieces for uni. I'd really appreciate it if you could read them and tell me how I could improve, or if you liked them. The one I am posting later today is far from perfect, but it was my first one and I am quite proud. 

I hope everyone is well and happy, and enjoying the beautiful weather we are having at the moment. Thank you all for reading, and commenting and we both really appreciate the support we have.
Thank you!

Lots of love.
Tayla xx

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