Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Lauren Carney: Brisbane's Growing Jewel

Photo Credit: Lauren Carney Art (2014) Coraline print can be purchased here
Talented local artists are utilising their imaginations and creative flairs to build successful careers in Brisbane city’s ever-expanding arts culture.

In todays society it’s hard to make it as an artist, but Lauren Carney is a prime example of why sticking to your dreams pays off.

Lauren is an illustrator with a penchant for whimsical characters and worlds, and describes her art as including brilliant colours, intricate line work and childhood nostalgia.  

“I try to make sure each illustration tells some sort of story, or show that there is some emotional bond between characters… Romanticism plays a large underlying theme and that is portrayed in the fanciful folk within each illustration…” she says.

Lauren is a successful illustrator and designer, and thinks Brisbane’s incline in art culture can be placed in the hands of talented people in our city.

“I happen to be SO passionate about Brisbane’s arts community, and get really fiery when I hear people say ‘Brisbane is a sleepy town, with no art scene’… It’s just kind of dismissing to everyone in our lovely city- I feel that there is a nice tight knit community of creatives in Brisbane.”

Isabella Pearson, an assistant from the Edwina Corlette Gallery agrees with Lauren, saying, “Brisbane has a really strong contemporary arts scene, particularly with upcoming artists”.

Lauren is proud of being a leading figure, in our local talent, and says, “There is a huge pro-active wave empowering our local indie ladies (and gents for that matter) who just throw themselves out there and do what they love with passion. I think social media has really assisted in ‘getting their work out there’ too.”

Lauren gained a massive following through social media, and places some of her success down to her followers.

Aspiring artist Costa Kassab discovered Lauren’s work online and says, “Brisbane’s culture has benefitted from this technological growth because of how digital promotion has made it easier for artists to showcase their work. Artists who have built a successful profile online are now able to take their work outside the virtual world.”

This prominent figure in Brisbane’s arts culture continues to create magical artworks, inspiring others to stick to their dreams and offers some advice, saying, “Don’t be shy! I got so many knock backs and I know I still will, but it’s all part of promoting yourself. You just can’t take it to heart, and keep moving forward!”


If you'd like to view some of Laurens work or get in contact with her, you can reach her on Instagram (@dizzylittledotty), and Facebook (Lauren Carney Art).

A special thanks to Costa and Isabella, and of course Lauren. Thank you all for reading, this is my first ever "real" feature article/news story and hopefully I'll be posting more as I move along my degree so you can see my progress. 

Thank you! Hope you're all well.

Love from Tayla xx


  1. Love your writing xx

  2. "thinks Brisbane’s incline in art culture can be placed in the hands of talented people in our city." gawd that gave me inspiration! :') Fantastic article Tayla!

    1. Thank you Paul! It's really uplifting isn't it! :D x