Monday, 30 June 2014

10 Things you don't know about me Tag

I was wondering what to write about for my next blog post (ideas are welcome in the comments section) when I stumbled upon Mandy's "10 things you don't know about me" post so I decided to give it a go!

1. Believe it or not but I actually used to be quite an athletic person. My sister and I competed in athletics from about five years old until we were twelve, after that I played sport such as touch football, basketball and netball. I'm no longer able to play much sport and am a lot more sloth-like than I used to be but I wish I could get back into it!

2. Along with team sport I was also a dancer! I danced from the ages of 3 (Mum say's Tayla and I would not keep still) until I was almost sixteen but had to quit because of my severe scoliosis. Dancing was a huge chunk of my life and although I wasn't particularly good (especially in later years when it became apparent that I lack hand-eye coordination, am very clumsy and was not flexible- which was later explained by my scoliosis) but I still enjoyed it and wish I was able to continue.

3. I don't think I've ever been through a "phase". I'm terrible at explaining things, but I've always kind of dressed in a similar way and liked the same things. This has changed and grown over the years as I've gotten older but everything I like or how I dressed when I was younger is very similar to now.

4. I used to be so addicted to the Sims. Like it was bad. I've had to force myself out of this addiction (I have a very obsessive personality) because I would go to bed when I was about eleven or twelve years old and my dreams were all like, weirdly computer animated and spoke Simlish. Yeah, I know- it was weird. 

5. I basically survive off of sweets and chips. I'm not kidding, I'm always snacking on a chip of some sort (I'm one of the many people that love potato in all forms), a chocolate bar or some lollies.

6. I don't really eat meat. Not because I'm a vegetarian (though that is something I'm considering giving a go) but because I generally don't like the taste of meat and would prefer a tasty vegetable based meal. When I do eat meat it has to be cooked really well- I'm a pretty fussy eater!

7. I love musicals! I can't sing to save my life but dancing and acting have always been something I'm passionate about and I wish I had the skills to pursue musical theatre- but I think I'l just stick to watching musicals, for everyone's sake. 

8. My favourite subject at school was graphics (some of you may call it graphic design depending on where you live) and I'm not afraid to say that I'm quite skilled at creating various objects, houses and buildings on a range of computer programs.

8. I've never been overseas but I desperately want to travel and explore Europe. 

9. I have the worst sense of humour and will laugh at literally anything. (I'm still confused by this phrase as I think it should mean I have a great sense of humour but ya' know what I mean).

10. I have a pretty mixed music taste. I listen to anime openings/endings (trust me, they're pretty damn good), kpop, jpop (Kyary Pamyu Pamyu is my favourite), classical music (including OSTS from films), soundtracks from musicals and a range of different artists from The Arctic Monkeys to Regina Spektor and Florence and the Machine. 

That's ten things you possibly don't know about me! 
Thank you for reading, love from Maddie xo

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