Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Byron Bay & Splendour weekend adventures

Hey guys! So over the weekend I was fortunate enough to stay a few days in Byron Bay and attend the Splendour in the Grass music festival over Friday and Saturday. Myself, Maddie, and our two friends Eloise and Daniel were super keen to get away for the weekend before we all had to be back at uni. This is just a little re-hash that I thought you might be interested in hearing.

On Thursday three of us travelled down to Byron bright and early and managed to have the best hot chips in the universe and some fun (and not fun) beach adventures whilst we waited for Eloise to join us. The sun was warm and I actually had to get changed out of my jeans and long shirt, and the water, sand and sky was absolutely exquisite. There's something purely magical about Byron Bay. I'm not positive on what it is but it holds vibes filled with joy and happiness. That evening the three of us wandered down to the water front to watch the sunset before heading out to dinner and then finding Eloise. We wandered along the water for hours and unfortunately a little situation meant Daniel lost his phone in the water... it is gone forever. We then headed to an amazing pizza and pasta restaurant for dinner and had a great meal. That night Eloise also joined us and we all headed back to the hotel to catch up before our next big day.

On the Friday myself and Daniel were to head to Day 1 of Splendour, as Eloise and Maddie only wanted to attend the Saturday. My first taste of the festival was one of dust, smoke and grass... I immediately started sneezing. The Byron Bay parklands were enormous and we wandered around for a bit, getting our bearings and checking some of the sights out. It was an awesome day filled with great music, we managed to see a lot of stuff on the main stage: DZ Deathrays, The Preatures, Ball Park Music (who played an insane rendition of Bohemian Rhapsody), Spiderbait, Interpol and Outkast.

Myself and pal Daniel waiting in the mosh pit for Ball Park Music to play.
In the mosh pit when Outkast started playing.
What I wore on Friday: Faded black t-shirt, My Sunday Feeling sunflower print skirt, vintage denim jacket, black Doc Martens, gold face glitter and also a black hat featured in one of the photos above. 

When we left the festival the bus back to Byron was absolutely freezing cold and someone kept threatening to punch my nose in for coughing... some odd drunk characters there let me tell you! We got back to the hotel, each had a shower and promptly fell asleep. The next morning the four of us woke up, waited for an hour for breakfast at a cafe (a huge disappointment), and got ready for the second and final day at Splendour. The Saturday was a lot more energetic and fun as we were a bigger group and were really keen to see The 1975, amongst some other bands. We managed to see Sticky Fingers, The 1975, Art Vs. Science, 360 and some of the Hot Dub Time Machine. It was a hot day filled with lots of jumping, stomping, boogying, screaming, yelling and good times. Honestly the mosh pit during The 1975 was absolutely awesome; we were right down the front and had a great view of Matt and the other band members- the music was right on point too.

Waiting in the mosh pit for The 1975 to start playing.  
The 1975!
What I wore on Saturday: American Apparel black washed denim shorts, Zimmermann (it's old don't worry!) ribbed black t-shirt, black Doc Martens, Crystal necklace, Moon and Sun pendant, a black belt with silver detailing, yellow coat and gold and silver glitter.

Personally, the Saturday at Splendour was definitely the highlight of the trip. It was an awesome end to a great weekend. The Sunday entailed waking up early for an amazing breakfast, a humongous walk along the beach to some rocky lookouts and we even saw dolphins! I hope all who attended Splendour and Byron over the weekend had a great time like I did... I look forward to next year!

Eloise and Maddie looking super cute by the beach at Byron Bay.
The best pancakes in the universe honestly!

I'm back at uni now and my first day was exciting and stressful... it turns out I am doing an IT subject this semester which looks incredibly hard as I am not the most computer savvy person out there! Hopefully it's not as challenging as it appear to be. I hope everyone is enjoying being back at school or uni and I wish you all the best for this next semester!

Thanks for reading! Tell me about your weekend adventures!
Love from Tayla xo


  1. That My Sunday Feeling skirt is so nice

  2. Thank you! I have the matching top but it was a little bit too chilly for me to wear personally! x

  3. I like the blog layout currently :))

    1. All thanks to Maddie! And thank you anon :) x

  4. I love this post! I went for the full 3 days of splendour and it was probably the most magical 3 days of my life. it's like another little musical wonderland in there! I love all your outfits too girlie. ball park and sticky were definitely some of my top picks too x


    1. Thank you Lena! It was such a magical time wasn't it - such incredible vibes! x