Friday, 1 August 2014

Hat Days.

Accessories... some girls love them, some girls hate them. I'd say I sit right on the fence; I hate overcomplicated necklaces or bracelets and usually pick up my simple rings, stud earrings, maybe a necklace if I'm feeling fancy. But the one item I do reach for quite often? A hat. 

Top: Black Zimmermann ribbed t-shirt. Hat: Mushroom coloured hate from Sportsgirl. 
Not only are hats super good for your skin and health by providing the sensitive skin on your face with vital shade against those pesky UV rays, but a hat looks super cute and is a perfect tool to hide a bad hair day. Got a little bit of grease lighting going on? No problem: hat it. Got that sprinkle of winter snow making an appearance? BAM: hat it. Got some wonky cow-lick thing going on that no matter how much your straighten it, it just will not sit flat? No problem mate: hat it. 

I own quite a number of hats, majority are black felt and I think they are the perfect accessory to make a plain and simple outfit into something with a bit more statement. This mushroom toned hat featured in the photos has an extremely wide brim which makes it perfect for sunny days; as a pale person I do not enjoy my face getting a little too toasty. I think this kind of warm grey really lightens up my face and make my appearance quite feminine and girly (unfortunately this exact colour is no long available online, I managed to find mine in store a few weeks ago. The black version of this hat can be found here).

I think hats suit everyone of any style, with any face shape and with any hair colour: it's all about finding what hats work for you. I started out with a cute black bowler hat, progressed to the ever popular floppy brimmed hat, then a more structured felt hat (featured in my Splendour photos) and finally to this one. I think my favourite hat is this one, although I do find the others more wearable as black goes with more of my clothes.

Hats are super cute, great sun protection, an easy way to jazz up an outfit and are the perfect tool to hide disastrous hair. What do you guys think? Hats- love them or hate them?

Hope you're all going well!
Love from Tayla xx


  1. I wish hats looked as good on me as they do on you! I usually wear a hat when I'm at Disney World because the sun is killer! :/


    1. Yes! The sun is always so intense at theme parks! Why in the world is that? x

  2. In that second picture you remind me of Mirana Kerr! x

    1. HAHAHA! Oh my god thank you, that is hilarious but very sweet! x