Monday, 21 July 2014

Plum purple and wine red lipsticks

Tayla and I often get asked what lipsticks we're wearing when we are out and about, so I thought I would share some of our favorite wine red and plum purple lipsticks for those of you that may be curious!

NARS just know how to do a good lipstick and Scarlet Empress ($39 AUD) was actually the first NARS product I ever purchased! To me, Scarlet Empress is the perfect mix of dark red, pink and purple which looks gorgeous on it's own but a lot bolder and striking when a lipliner is used underneath. My personal lip liner of choice is the Bareminerals Marvelous Moxie lip liner in the shade Electrified. This lipstick is very creamy, sheer and has pretty amazing lasting power on it's own but like most lipsticks, a lip liner will keep it on a little longer! 

I've managed to find a pretty accurate dupe for this NARS lipstick (which seems to be a little difficult to come across these days) and it's the Rimmel Matte Finish by Kate Moss Lipstick in the shade #107 ($12.95 AUD). I've used this lipstick for years and I constantly go back to it. It is quite drying and can get a little flakey, but the shade and lasting power of this lipstick is amazing! I would definitely pick this one up if you wanted to try something similar to Scarlet Empress (though it is slightly darker because it is a matte shade) but didn't want to fork out the $39 for a lipstick.

Another lipstick that is pretty damn similar to the first two mentioned above, is the Lipstick Queen Sinners Opaque Lipstick in the shade Wine Sinner (AUD $26.95). As the name would suggest, this is a wine coloured lipstick- though it has similar undertones to the two previously mentioned. This one definitely has a nicer formula than the Rimmel lipstick (because it's not matte) but it is a little more expensive. Unlike Scarlet Empress, this lipstick does not need a lip liner to last for a long time, though it does need one to prevent bleeding.

The last wine coloured lipstick I will be mentioning today is one of the Lime Crime Velvetines (which have been mentioned on this blog before) in the shade Wicked ($26 AUD). You guys know the drill with these liquid lipsticks. They're incredibly pigmented, long lasting and becoming very popular. I've been using the Velvetines for a few years now and am yet to come across something of the same quality for a similar price. This shade in particular is the perfect example of a dark, wine red.

The second NARS product I wanted to mention is the Pure Matte Lipstick in the shade Volga ($40 AUD). Before Tayla purchased this beauty, I'd seen photos and swatches of it floating around the internet and I knew I would eventually get my hands on it. I would describe this as the darker, matte version of Scarlet Empress. The colour of the two is pretty similar but Volga is slightly deeper with a lot more purple than red or pink. Being a matte lipstick, this is a little drying but it does last for hours with no fuss!

Not really a plum purple but I wanted to include the Rimmel Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick in the shade #04 ($12.95 AUD)! The only way to describe this lipstick is dark purple because it really is plain and simply, a dark purple lipstick. I love the Lasting Finish by Kate Moss lipstick line and Rimmel really hit the nail on the head with this creamy, pigmented and affordable shade!

Let me know what plum purple and wine red lipsticks you love!
Thank you for reading, love from Maddie xo