Sunday, 11 January 2015

Little Black Dress

"One is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress."

Above is the now famous quote by the eminent Karl Lagerfeld; a quote which has since defined the fashion industry. Luminaries such as the acclaimed Audrey Hepburn have donned their own LBDs', further highlighting the importance of a black staple piece in ones wardrobe. 

Until recently I had never found that predominant component of my own wardrobe; I had never had a love affair with a Little Black Dress of my own, there was no 'love at first sight' for me. Everything had either been too expensive or too low cut for my liking, or even the wrong material. I was always on the search though; often wishing I had a black dress to wear to various occasions - something that was easy to wear, yet made me feel incredible. 

It wasn't until I began to work at my current place of employment did I spot my LBD. And I can tell you; it really wasn't love at first sight, but it has since grown to have the highest rank in my wardrobe. I now (and for the past 3 months or so) work in a large well-known department store, which features various brands and labels in 'concession stores' (i.e. a company or label is showcased in a certain section or 'stall' within this larger department store). Zimmermann is one of these concession stalls, and has since become one of my favourite labels. 

A co-worker had actually tried on and purchased the 'Trinity Scallop Dress' by Zimmermann in white and it looked absolutely gorgeous against her tan skin. It took a bit of convincing from my co-workers for me to try the same dress on in black. I was slightly intimidated by the revealing cut-outs of the dress, but somehow ended up in a dressing room. Recently, I had purchased another pice by Zimmermann and was very wary of the price tags. Knowing the quality of the garments was exceptional and that I had the ability to lay-by the item I slipped into the dress - it wasn't perfect; but I saw it's potential. 

Details of the 'Trinity Scallop Dress' by Zimmermann

The black didn't wash out my pale skin, the cut-outs weren't promiscuous, the dress skimmed the top of my knees and the flirty halter neck styled back enhanced my shoulders. Unfortunately, the dress was slightly big around the back and gapped when tied up. After talking to the stylist we concluded that it could be pulled in slightly and with it pinned in place I knew I had to have it. With the dress placed on lay-by I knew it was the right decision; a busy holiday period meant I was continuing to save money and surely a Christmas and New Years treat wouldn't hurt right? 

After what felt like months, but was only a few weeks I had the dress off of lay-by, into my wardrobe and right back out again to the alterers. It took a few days but soon enough I had my very own LBD. I loved it; it fit me well, was flirty and girly without being too in your face and is something I could easily dress up or down. I have managed to wear the dress twice now; to an anniversary dinner with my partner and to New Years Eve celebrations. On both occasions I felt incredibly comfortable, covered, confident and beautiful. I wore the dress casually with Tony Bianco wedged heels and a colourful clutch, both of which could be switched out with black or nude accessories for a more elegant and formal look. 

♥ Photo Taken from my Instagram; @tayla_jw

I hope you're all doing well and have enjoyed a very safe and happy festive season. I just thought I'd share with you all my own LBD; do you have one?

Thanks for reading!
Love, Tayla xo


  1. You are so stunning, Tayla! I love this LBD and from what I've learned about you from Instagram and our little interactions, I think it suits you so perfectly in every way! So happy to hear you love it and that it makes you feel great. :) I've yet to find my perfect LBD, but maybe this will be my year. :) XOXO

    1. Thank you Jenny! I'm sure you'll find the perfect LBD for yourself soon- you look fabulous in everything and anything! xx

  2. holy wow woman! you are stunning!!!!!

    1. Awwww thank you so much this is so nice >.<

  3. AWWW Your dress is just perfect! I am so in love with it now too. Great post btw! xx